Winter Car Care Tips

Winter is a challenging time for car owners. Wet roads, freezing temperatures and stormy conditions mean that your car needs to be in peak condition to ensure you have a safe drive, every time. Given the seasonal pressures of winter on any vehicle, even more care and attention is required at this time of year.

Prioritise battery care

This is the season when batteries cause issues because they’re subject to cold temperatures but also have to do more – for example powering the lights during daytime hours, as well as night. If your battery is causing issues then don’t wait to get this looked at.

Don’t skip the services

According to the AA, up to half of the issues that people experience with their cars at this time of year could be prevented with regular servicing and maintenance. So, look out for winter deals and discounts and if you haven’t had your servicing done yet for this year, make it a priority.

The condition of your tyres is key

If they are not in good condition this will affect your ability to steer the car and to brake properly. Check tyre pressure regularly and ensure that you’ve got tread depth of at least 3mm in the winter months.

Make sure the anti-freeze in your engine coolant won’t freeze

The way this is likely to happen is if you’ve been topping up the engine coolant with too much water during the warmer months of the year. Your engine coolant should be a combination of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. If it does freeze then you could get issues with the engine overheating.

Clean and prep your windscreen

Check the wipers are in good condition and replace if necessary. Top your screen washer up with antifreeze and give the windows a good clean. Be proactive if you spot any chips or cracks, as these can quickly get worse in cold weather and freezing temperatures.

In darker days lights are even more important

It’s not just darkness that can cause issues if your lights aren’t working property but conditions such as fog too. Check all your lights, from fog lights to headlights and indicators – clean them and look for any broken bulbs.

Hope for the best prepare for the worst

If you do break down in winter weather you need to make sure you’re prepared. Pack a ‘breakdown kit’ in the car, including a torch, blanket, shovel, food and drink, scraper and de-icer and screen wash. A portable mobile phone charger can also be useful.

Be mindful when you’re traveling in winter

Check the forecast and alter your plans if the weather looks like it’s going to be extreme. It’s always crucial to make sure you don’t have to rush so allow extra time for travel at this time of year – that’s when driving mistakes can happen.

Winter car care is all about being prepared. If you’re ready for the cold weather then you don’t need to worry about being out on the roads in wintry conditions.

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