Welcome to Jewelultra A Proud History & Heritage

Welcome to Jewelultra – A proud history and heritage

Jewelultra Ltd manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of specialised chemicals, principally to the Motor, Leisure, Motorcycle and Marine.

"I am very proud of the business that I have built over the last 31 years. From small beginnings the company has grown into a multinational organisation with agents and distributors across the world. We have fantastic products backed by a fantastic team and I am looking forward to taking the company forward even further."

John Boseley

Founder & Managing Director

Jewelultra History

1990’S Diamondbrite Is Born

In the 1980’s Lacroe’s chemists developed Diamondbrite which was a 2 stage process which once applied to vehicle paintwork gave a high gloss protective invisible layer. After extensive testing it was found that this layer gave enhanced protection from Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, Insect Marks, Traffic Film and the Suns UV Rays. In fact they were so confident in the products qualities that they gave it a 6 year Guarantee.

1992 Jewelultra New Beginnings

In 1992 the company was relaunched under the name Jewelultra, with John Boseley still the MD. At about that time regulations were being introduced which meant that car manufacturers had to reduce the amount of lead that was in car paint. This was of course for environmental reasons, and meant that whilst it was better for the planet the paint became thinner and more prone to fading and wear and tear. Diamondbrite was the ideal product to give that additional protection and as a result the company grew steadily over the next 30 or so years and now Diamondbrite is a household name in Paint Protection. In addition the product has been continually developed and improved to keep up with new paint technologies and a harsher polluting environment. Jewelultra are now so confident in the quality of Diamondbrite Paint and Fabric Protection that the product now comes with a lifetime Guarantee in the UK.

2008 British Manufacturer With A Global Reach

In 2008 Jewelultra purchased the company that manufactured the products for them so became a manufacturer rather than just a marketing company. Jewelultra now manufacture over 100 products for the Car, Caravan, Marine and Motorcycle market, as well as making a huge range of bulk chemicals. One of the benefits of being a manufacturer is that we can make virtually any chemical to the customers own specification.

The company is now a wholly owned UK company and is a global supplier of Automotive, Marine, Leisure, Motorcycle, Aviation and Valeting Chemicals and is truly a family business with one of John’s sons and two grandsons in the business.

2017 Jewelultra Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary

A landmark in the companies history was achieved when Jewelultra celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The company celebrated by having an event for all its 32 staff at Off Limits in Nottingham. This involved a competition based on Channel 4’s Crystal Maze, as well as Off Road Buggies and Pistol Shooting. Everyone then went to a local hotel where staff were separated into teams for a Quiz. Picture of the winning team below.

2020 A Year Like No Other

As everyone knows this was an unprecedented year with the Covid-19 pandemic dominating the headlines. For Jewelultra it created both a threat and an opportunity. With car dealers closing their doors on the 23rd of March we had to think quickly as like a lot of businesses orders stopped virtually overnight. As we are a manufacturer and not just a marketing company, we were able to switch to making Hand and Surface Sanitisers which at the time were in huge demand. We were able to donate product to the NHS, the MOD, Hospices, Schools and Doctors Surgeries in their hour of need. Once the dealers opened up again we developed a ‘Back to Business’ strategy to help them sell and service cars safely. Retail sales increased considerably during 2020 as many people were on Furlough or working from home. With time on their hands many turned to cleaning their car, caravan, motorhome, campervan, motorbike and boat. With Diamondbrite offering every cleaning product we were ideally placed to assist with the consumer’s needs.

2021 NEW Diamondbrite Advanced Ceramic is launched

2021 saw the launch of what was probably the most important development in the companies history. Diamondbrite Advanced Ceramic is a brand new, state-of-the-art product that takes all the good things about the firm’s renowned and award-winning dealer-level two-stage Paint Protection and improves upon them for a better performing more durable product.

Now a simpler, single-stage application, Diamondbrite's Ceramic Protection, a reactive amino-functional propriety solution, produces a harder and more durable coating on paintwork with increased hydrophobicity.


Almost six full years of R&D has resulted in a product that not only out-performs its competitors in terms of its protective and gloss-enhancing capabilities, it is far more user-friendly and easier to apply too.

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During the Diamondbrite Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains.