Caring for Diamondbrite

Looking after your vehicle protected with the Diamondbrite Paint and Upholstery Protection couldn’t be simpler. With the products contained within the complimentary aftercare kit, you’ll have everything you need to keep your vehicle in showroom condition and resistant to the elements.

Diamondbrite offers a huge range of additional cleaning Chemicals and Accessories which can be purchased on our web store, see link below. Attached is a photo of our Ultra After Care pack which some of our dealers will supply as part of the Diamondbrite Nano Ceramic Protection.

Nanoceramiczna ochrona Diamondbrite jest znana ze swojej trwałości i skuteczności w zabezpieczaniu lakieru pojazdu. Należy jednak pamiętać, że nawet tak zaawansowana ochrona wymaga odpowiedniej pielęgnacji, aby utrzymać jej wydajność. Regularna konserwacja, taka jak mycie samochodu i nakładanie powłok ochronnych zgodnie z zaleceniami, zapewnia skuteczność ochrony nano-ceramicznej Diamondbrite, o której więcej można przeczytać na stronie Autor: Artur Makowski. Pomaga to zachować błyszczące wykończenie i właściwości ochronne, zapewniając, że samochód nadal będzie wyglądał świetnie i odpychał zanieczyszczenia środowiskowe. Dbanie o samochód pokryty powłoką Diamondbrite jest jak pielęgnowanie długoterminowej inwestycji. Postępując zgodnie z instrukcjami dotyczącymi pielęgnacji, możesz cieszyć się trwałymi korzyściami płynącymi z tej ochrony, zapewniając, że Twój pojazd pozostanie w doskonałym stanie przez wiele lat.

Paintwork Cleaning

With your vehicle protected with Diamondbrite's two-stage protective coating, keeping the paintwork clean can be carried out with a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Pre-Wash (Lift Off/Ceramic Blast Snow Foam)

Lift off can be used as a pre-wash to remove any stubborn contaminants from the surface of the paintwork, such as bird droppings, brake dust and traffic film before commencing the wash with shampoo. Spray the product over the areas you wish to clean, leave on for a minute or two and then wipe clean with a microfibre cloth or rinse with water.

Ceramic Blast Snow Foam can be used to loosen up dirt from the surface of the paintwork before the contact wash is carried out. Dilute the product in a ratio of 5 parts water to 1 part product and spray it over the vehicle with a foaming lance.

Once it has been rinsed off with water, the Ceramic Blast will leave a ceramic film over the surface of the paintwork that will help enhance the Diamondbrite Paint Protection.


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Step 2 – Shampoo

Measure a capful or two of the Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo into a bucket and fill with warm water. Wash the mix over the whole vehicle with a lambswool wash mitt or microfibre wash mitt to remove the dirt, then rinse with clean water and dry with a microfibre drying towel. Alternatively use Diamondbrite Ceramic Shampoo which will leave a Ceramic film on the paintwork.

Step 3 – Conserver

Diamondbrite Conserver is a non-foaming product that maintains the Diamondbrite Professionally applied Paint Protection treatment with regular use (between 1 and 3 months depending on mileage). It can also be used to maintain the protection given after Diamondbrite Seal & Shine so that reapplication of the Seal & Shine is not needed for at least a year. It is also an excellent polish that can be used neat to remove stubborn marks such as tar, fly stains, tree sap, petrol overspill stains and bird lime. It also has a mild abrasive content that will remove minor scratches. HOW TO USE DIAMONDBRITE CONSERVER Apply after use of Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo. 1) Shake well. 2) Add 25ml (1 capful) of Conserver to a clean bucket of water. 3) Using a separate bucket and sponge if possible, apply solution to all exterior paintwork. 4) Rinse immediately and chamois dry. Try to avoid application to windscreen as it may cause smearing.

Step 4 – Glaze (Ceramic Glaze/Seal & Shine)

Ceramic Glaze can be used to give your vehicle an extra level of shine and environmental protection. After cleaning with the Max Foam Shampoo and Conserver, spray the Ceramic Glaze onto the paintwork and then buff with a microfibre cloth. Ceramic Glaze will last for around 2 months before reapplication is required. Paintwork coated with Ceramic Glaze can be washed as usual, and Conserver can be applied over the top.

Alternatively, Seal & Shine can be used to give your car an extra glossy finish. The product must be applied by hand and buffed off with a microfibre cloth.

Depending on mileage, the Seal & Shine will last for around 4-6 months before reapplication is required.

Interior Cleaning

As standard with every exterior Diamondbrite treatment, the interior seats, carpets and boot lining will be covered with the Diamondbrite Fabric Protector. Everyday marks from liquids such as food and drink spillages can usually be removed easily with a damp cloth, or for more stubborn marks with the Diamondbrite Upholstery Cleaner, or the Leather Feed and Cleaner for leather interiors. Please see the below guide for further details.

Upholstery Cleaner (Fabric Surfaces)

As standard with every exterior Diamondbrite treatment, the interior seats, carpets and boot lining will be covered with the Diamondbrite Fabric Protector. Everyday marks from liquids such as food and drink spillages can usually be removed easily with a damp cloth, or for more stubborn marks with the Diamondbrite Upholstery Cleaner. If liquid is dropped on the fabric and soaks in, this does not mean the product has failed as you should be able to clean the area affected without leaving a stain – the density of the weave of the fabric will determine how easily water may seep through, however the individual fibres of the fabric will be protected against stains if treated with Diamondbrite Fabric Protector. For suede or alcantara use Diamondbrite Upholstery Cleaner. For real or faux leather, use Leather Feed and Cleaner. See below for further details.

Leather Feed and Cleaner (Leather Surfaces)

With the Leather Feed and Cleaner, marks can be easily wiped off. Pour a small amount of the product into a microfibre cloth and rub it into the affected area, and then wipe off. Leather Feed and Cleaner will also help keep your leather surfaces supple and less prone to cracking in the future, we recommend using it on a semi-regular basis to keep the leather in the best condition.

Product Guarantee

If during the course of cleaning your paintwork or upholstery you are unable to remove a stubborn mark or have discovered environmental damage that has affected the vehicle, you may be covered by your Diamondbrite Guarantee. In the event of such issues, you can write to us to make a claim and we can let you know how we can assist. For more information on how to make a claim and to find out what's covered and what's not, please take a look on our guarantee claims page below
Guarantee Claims

Product Videos

Looking for more information on keeping your car clean? For a comprehensive list on the use of our range aftercare items, from wheel care to interior cleaning products, please follow the link to our page of instructional videos which can be found below
Product Videos

During the Diamondbrite Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains.