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Diamondbrite Motorcycle

Diamondbrite Motorcycle

Treat Your Bike to Diamonds

Blue Suzuki with Diamondbrite

Why Use Diamondbrite?

  • Keep the look

  • Fade Resistant

  • Maintain that ‘Showroom finish’ 

  • Save time and effort

  • Easier and quicker to clean

  • No need to polish ever again

  • Save money and make money

  • Spend less on motorcycle care products and increase it’s  future resale value


30 years of proven premium technologies, successfully transferred from four wheels to two.

Diamondbrite is a name you’ll probably be familiar with as a car dealer applied premium protection system - with a huge range of standalone clean and protection products also available. With many premium manufacturer approvals Diamondbrite is also proven within top-level motorsport including BTCC where Diamondbrite is specified by the Multiple Championship winning Official Honda Team.

Using a combination of transferable technologies - and completely new solutions where needed - ‘Diamondbrite Motorcycle’ has been devised to give bikers access to exactly the same levels of flawless performance.

Just like car, Diamondbrite offer two distinct solutions for bikers. The PRO system is a Fully Guaranteed complete Flourocarbon Polymer paint protection system, which must be professionally workshop applied.

To complement this is a core range of clean and protect products designed for easy use by the biker. These can be used as standalone products, and do not require the bike to be PRO protected

Tested and approved for use on all motorcycle types.

Motorcycle types suitable for Diamondbrite


The product that made Diamondbrite famous - now available for bikers. Diamondbrite Pro is a dealer or workshop (professional) applied paint protection system designed to last. The hard, high gloss protective skin prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and many other pollutants from contacting directly with protected surfaces. Future cleaning - to a factory fresh finish - is a breeze with only periodic application of the supplied Pro Preserve top up solution is necessary.

Professional Paint, Protection System (With 3 year guarantee)

Pro Motorcycle

Professional Paint
Protection System
(With 3 year guarantee)

Genuine Pro product is only available for professional application.

3 year Guarantee


Motorcycle protection figure 1

FIG 1.

Magnified paint cross section reveals pitted
pores of the painted surface.

Motorcycle protection figure 2

FIG 2.

Road traffic dirt gathers in pores.
Nitrates attack outer edges.

Motorcycle protection figure 3

FIG 3.

When correctly applied Pro creates a hard protective skin while also leaving a smooth high lustre finish. Rain and dirt now run off easily.

Motorcycle protection figure 4

FIG 4.

When correctly applied Pro creates a hard protective skin while also leaving a smooth high lustre finish. Rain and dirt now run off easily.

Diamondbrite’s Unique Pro System Protects Against:

Diamondbrite gives unrivalled protection from damage caused by UV sunlight,  acid rain, atmospheric pollution and gives initial protection against bird lime.

Road Grime


Temperature Cycles


UV Light


Bird Droppings


Insect Fluid


Tree Saps


Acid Rain


Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro System In Action

Protecting Your Motorbike with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro System?

Suzuki V-Storm Motorcycle

Aftercare Range

Diamondbrite’s Motorcycle specific range targets key areas of both bike and kit to clean, sanitise, refresh, protect and polish. Each product has been rigorously tested - by bikers - at Diamondbrites UK R&D centre; and is meticulously blended and bottled within the Company’s UK manufacturing hub. With a real focus on ease of use and simplicity, the Motorcycle range is designed to meet the unique cleaning requirements of biking. This means blends which quickly and safely break down and disperse a whole range of surface dirt and contaminants which build up quickly on bikes due to their exposed components and bodywork.

The range also offers protection by putting the brakes on that dirt build up, and preventing premature corrosion of the many different surface materials found on today’s bikes. Finally you get shine and polish for that all important bling!

Tested and approved for use on all motorcycle types.

Motorcycle Types
Motorcycle Degreaser


Safely strips built-up oil and grease from a multitude of bike parts including chain and sprocket, and the lube residue found around the back wheel due to chain fling. The degreaser is very easy to wash away leaving all parts completely clean and ready for the re-application of lubricants where necessary.

Motorcycle Bike Wash


Diamondbrite Bike Wash is a high foaming cleaner designed for regular use, especially to remove heavy muck and dirt. Blended to use on almost all motorcycle surfaces and materials (including carbon fibre), it is also safe on seals, cables, brake pads and rotors. Simply spray on and rinse off, the formula contains no harmful acids and is also biodegradable.

Motorcycle Waterless Detailer


The faster and cleaner way to restore a lightly soiled motorcycle.

Waterless detailer is an amazing product which can clean a lightly soiled motorcycle quickly and to a high-shine standard WITHOUT using any water. Designed specifically for bikers who want to keep their bike in tip-top condition without the hassle of getting the hose out or going through several cleaning processes (drying, polishing etc).

Motorcycle Kit Fresh


Anti Bacterial Sanitiser.

Developed specifically for use on motorcycle kit including helmets, boots gloves and clothing interiors. Kit Fresh is easy to apply and rapidly combats the bacteria which forms on material surfaces which come into close contact with the riders body.
Keeps a riders kit clean, hygienic and fresh.

Motorcycle Pro Preserve


Top-up for the Pro Paint Protection.

Pro Preserve shares technology with aviation-grade materials used to protect aircraft paint. Designed to be used by the rider (this product does not need to be professionally applied), Pro Preserve is a very simple spray-on / wash off solution which should be used periodically to maintain the integrity of the Pro paint protection and maintain the 3 year warranty.

Motorcycle Chrome & Metal Polish


Cleans, restores and shines a multitude of metal surfaces including aluminium and chrome. Applies as a super smooth cream, which is simply buffed off once misted. Ideal as a ‘finishing touch’ product after a thorough clean for that factory fresh look!

Pro Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I need to polish my Motorbike?

You will not need to polish your bike ever again. Just wash it (we recommend Motorcycle Bike Wash or Waterless Detailer) as often as required, rinse with water, then apply a light film of Pro Preserve and rinse again. Then chamois dry.

If the bike sustains damage, will I need to have it re-coated?

After any accident the paintwork will need to be recoated as part of an insurance claim. The cost of this may be claimed from your insurance company and you maybe required to provide a proof of purchase. Please check with your insurance provider for more details.

How quickly should I remove bird droppings?

Diamondbrite Pro paint protection is guaranteed to resist the effects of birdlime, as long as it is washed off within 7 days.

Who makes Pro Sealant?

Jewelultra Ltd. (who are not a marketing company nor import the product) manufacture the Chemical in the UK.

Will I have to reapply Paint Protection?

In the UK and Ireland the guarantee is for 3 years so it will not need re treatment or polishing for 3 years.

How much is the Diamondbrite Paint Protection?

Diamondbrite needs to be professionally applied by a trained and approved dealer and is covered by a 3 year guarantee against etching, fading or pitting, for complete peace of mind. It can be applied to new or used motorcycles and includes an After Care Kit that contains a selection of products to clean, sanitise, refresh, protect and polish key parts of the bike and riding kit. Please contact your local dealer for prices.

How do I find out who my local dealer is?

Call our head office on 01622 815679 and we will let you know who the nearest applicator is to you.

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