Stay safe when driving this Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for even the most experienced of drivers. Whether you’re used to snow and ice or you find yourself getting nervous as the temperature drops, preparation is key. From morning fog through to rain and hail, no matter what the winter driving conditions might be, with a little preparation you can still stay safe on the roads.

Use screenwash and ice scraper

On really cold mornings and evenings, screenwash can help to stop your windscreen from freezing over and being completely opaque. Remember that you can damage your water pump if you’re using only water or screenwash that freezes at just a few degrees, as this will allow everything to ice over. So, make sure you have some pure screenwash – or screenwash tables – to hand to deal with cold or icy conditions.

You’ll also need a good quality ice scraper. Although all of us have, at some point, used whatever we had to hand (e.g. credit card or cardboard box), these just aren’t as effective as a proper scraper. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Buy snow chains

Even in the UK, snow chains can come in very useful during the winter months. Cars here are not designed to cope with snow but we do get at least a little snowfall every year – and some areas get a significant volume. Especially if you live in the countryside this could be a worthwhile investment. Innovation means that there are many more lightweight options today that you don’t have to worry about damaging your alloys while using.

Regularly check your tyre pressure

In colder conditions tyre pressure tends to drop and this can be problematic for safe driving. So, it’s important to regularly check the pressure of your tyres during the colder winter months – at least every two weeks. You may even want to invest in a tyre pump for your home so that you don’t have to go to the nearest petrol station to deal with tyre pressure drops.

Consider a shovel

Only really required during the depths of winter and/or if you live in a very remote area. However, having a shovel in the car can be a lifesaver in really extreme weather. Keep one in the boot during the coldest months so that you can dig out yourself, cars and people, if required.

Always have an emergency kit

Warm clothes, some food and drink, a back up phone charger, torch and blankets are just some of the items that could be useful if you have an emergency situation while driving. Even if you’re just stuck in a traffic jam in the cold, warm blankets and food can be a lifesaver.

Don’t rush

Allow yourself plenty of time when making journeys in bad winter weather as it’s often when we’re rushing that accidents happen. Even if you’re late for something important, slow down and take the time to drive properly – nothing is worth the damage of an accident, both to you and your car.

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