Start the new year right with Diamondbrite

Whether New Year’s resolutions are your thing or not, there’s one decision that we can all make this year that will reap ongoing rewards: to better look after the car. Diamondbrite has many benefits for your car – and it doesn’t stop there. If you have a boat, a caravan or a bike then you can enjoy the same advantages too. If you’re looking to start the new year right then it makes sense to do it with Diamondbrite.


What is Diamondbrite?

It is a waterless wash and wax system for a number of different types of vehicles. If you’re sick of using a sponge and water, or just not seeing the results you’d hoped for from that method, then Diamondbrite is a great alternative. It helps to shine and protect the entire vehicle, from wheels to bodywork, and can also help to make paintwork shine. Diamondbrite works by surrounding dirt particles on the car, boat, bike or caravan and gently detaching them so that the end result is impressive, scratch-free cleaning. It’s not only very effective but also kinder to the environment too – Diamondbrite is biodegradable.


The benefits of Diamondbrite

For cars

Most cars today have been finished with water based paints and while these are better for the environment they don’t excel at longevity. The paint on your car can quickly fade, leaving it looking less than new and impressive. However, by using Diamondbrite you can preserve that showroom-fresh colour. Using Diamondbrite on your paintwork creates a tough durable glaze that will protect it. If the application is carried out by an approved Diamondbrite applicator then the end results will also be covered by a guarantee.


For boats

The Diamondbrite Marine range is specifically designed to help meet the challenges of sea-going vessels. Boats are not cheap to buy and are subjected to some very tough conditions. Regular use of Diamondbrite Marine can help to provide protection for boats, as well as simplifying and shortening the process of cleaning and maintenance.


For motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle can have a heavy impact on the bike itself, whether that’s from the roads or the environment. Diamondbrite Motorcycle offers two specific solutions for bike owners, one a Fully Guaranteed complete Fluorocarbon Polymer paint protection system that is workshop applied, the other a standalone range of clean and protect products that can be used independently of the paint protection system.


For other vehicles

From caravans to other expensive leisure vehicles, there are many ways in which Diamondbrite can provide protection this year. For example, atmospheric pollutants can erode paintwork but Diamondbrite can provide the protection to keep it in tact and looking bright. It can also help to minimise or avoid the damage that can be caused to the surface of paintwork by microscopic particles coming off the road or the surrounding environment. If you’re looking to protect an investment you’ve made in a vehicle, Diamondbrite is an easy way to help you do it.


Whether you have a car, boat or caravan, if you’re keen to start the new year right then it has to be with Diamondbrite.

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During the Diamondbrite Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains.