On Saturday 29th May, the Diamondbrite branded Ford Escort driven by Paul Pascoe took to the tracks at Lydden Hill for the first round of the 2021 British Rallycross. The Escort has a newly rebuilt engine, new suspension, gearbox, and differential, plus the newly souped-up Sierra Cosworth driven by Paul’s father Steve featuring a new gearbox and differential also proved stiff competition against the other racers in the event. Although during this battle of the fast and furious Steve broke a suspension arm, both Paul and Steve qualified for the finals coming in 3rd and 4th respectively.

The finals on Monday 31st May saw a step up in the level of competition, with Paul and Steve finishing in 5th and 7th place at the end of the race. Although no podium spot this time, Paul remarked the Sierra is now an astonishing 8 seconds faster per lap on the same circuit with the same power, the father and son duo are now hoping for podiums and wins come August at Pembrey. Power is nothing without control!

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