Restore your car’s shine in time for summer

At this time of year we’re getting more sunshine than we’ve become used to in the winter months. While that tends to be glorious for the garden and fantastic for upping Vitamin B levels, it can also reveal every tiny imperfection on your car’s paintwork. In the darker days of winter you may have been under the impression your car looked great but now the sun has come out and there is nowhere to hide. If you’re keen to maintain that showroom fresh feel, or to restore your car’s shine just in time for summer then there is a very simple way to do it: Diamondbrite Automotive.

Whatever happened to the paintwork?

It can be a shock to see the damage that simply driving your car can do to the paintwork. Today, most car manufacturers use environmentally friendly water-based paints. Although these have strong eco credentials they are also much more likely to fade and oxidise, leaving you with a less than impressive aesthetic.

Driving can also expose your car to a range of factors that may damage its shine, from grit and dirt through to tree sap or acid rain. Unless you take action to stop the problems that can arise – and to protect the paintwork – then it will be impossible to retain, or recreate, that showroom feel.

The solution: Diamondbrite

Diamondbrite is made from refined rock oils and has been developed to provide exceptional protection for your showroom shine. It is applied in two stages to create an effective protective layer that not only improves the car’s aesthetic but also its longevity. The first step in the Diamondbrite process is designed to cleanse and then fill the pores in the paintwork of a vehicle to create a smooth finish that keeps out everything, from nitrates through to traffic dirt.

Once that stage is complete, step 2 creates a smooth protective skin on the surface of the paintwork that also has a sleek, polished finish. Once both steps have been applied the car is totally protected and potentially damaging substances, such as rain and dirt, will simply run off the surface of the car.

Diamondbrite provides the ultimate protection for your showroom shine

  • Defence against the damage that can be done by bird droppings
  • Protecting your paintwork against the potential issues that changes in temperature can cause
  • Creating a protective layer to keep out grime, grit, salts, traffic film and tar
  • Establishing a barrier against UV light to help keep colours bright and maintain shine
  • Preserving your car’s aesthetics in the face of natural forces such as tree sap, insect fluid and a range of atmospheric pollutants.

If you’re looking for an effective solution to restore your car’s showroom shine in time for the summer months, Diamondbrite is the perfect way to do it. When the process is carried out by a Diamondbrite applicator it is even covered by a guarantee from the date that it is applied.

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