Jewelultra Ltd now members of RMIF (Retail Motor Industry Federation)

Jewelultra Ltd have now become member of  The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI)

We are extremely happy to be given this opportunity, as THE RMIF do not usually allow suppliers to become members but they felt adding Jewelultra would be able to assist their 3000 Franchised and Independant Car and 250 Motorcycle dealers.

The RMIF includes the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) and the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA). Their role is to lobby, represent and support their members.  They deal with a number of issues that impact dealers on a day to day basis, including the relationships with manufacturers, advising on legislation and various aspects of dealers businesses such as used cars, finance and insurance and after sales.

As well as the practical benefits, NMDA and NFDA act as a voice for the Car and Motorcycle retail industries. Their representatives are in continual dialogue with relevant government departments in order to stay abreast of policy developments which are communicated to members via their e-newsletters.

Lance Boseley, Jewelultra’s Marketing Manager said ‘We are grateful to the RMIF for allowing us to become members and we look forward to working with them to raise our profile with the Franchised Car and Motorcycle dealers’


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