The Vehicle Vision® Aftersales video software now provides interest-free instalment payment option for repairs

We’re excited to announce that the Vehicle Vision personalised Aftersales software platform now provides customers requiring vehicle inspections and repairs with a digital option to spread out payments over interest-free instalments – at no additional licence fee cost. This new integration – between the developers of our software platform and Auto Service Finance (ASF) – will enable dealerships, workshops and garages to provide customers with financial flexibility during challenging economic times and allow dealerships to engage with customers safely.

There will be three options to pay for repair work through Vehicle Vision®, with customers retaining the ability to pay on collection of the vehicle, on the platform. Connecting to the ASF platform enables dealerships to conduct work which may have been postponed due to financial constraints giving customers flexibility and convenience, which is more important than ever – particularly in the current environment.

New automated Amber Follow Up module available for Vehicle Vision® Aftersales

With a new Follow Up module installed – and a simple mouse click – Aftersales departments now have the ability to convert more advisory – non-urgent – work identified and reported in their video health check report.

If customers choose not to proceed with any advisory work highlighted during their visit to the workshop, the Follow Up module can automatically send a text and email to the customer seven days before the work becomes urgent.

With a link to the technician’s video report, it’s a positive communication that reminds the customer items will require attention very soon and is underpinned by a sound commercial approach to converting future work opportunities.

Along with a link to the video, the customer is directed to an online diary, where they can request a booking with their preferred dates.

The admin area of the Vehicle Vision software also enables the Service Manager to manage the Follow Up process, maximising opportunities.

Vehicle Vision, the developers of the software join the CDK International Partner Programme

We’re delighted to announce that the Vehicle Vision, have joined the CDK International Partner Programme – to integrate with their Autoline Dealer Management System (DMS) products. By directly transferring customer, vehicle and VHC data from the CDK DMS, the integration will increase productivity, efficiency and automation when creating personalised Aftersales videos with Vehicle Vision®.


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