Drive Safe: Avoid these common car crash causes

Analysis of road accident statistics shows that many of these accidents are preventable. Although there is often an element of bad luck or bad timing involved in having a car crash, there are also many other reasons why accidents happen that are more attributable to human behaviour. If you want to stay safe on the roads then it’s important to have a good understanding of what the most common causes of car crashes are – so that you can set out to avoid them.


Being too tired

If you’re tired at the wheel then your reactions are likely to be slower and you’re probably going to find it difficult to concentrate on the road and on your driving. Being tired means you’re less alert and your reaction time is longer – this is one of the reasons why accidents that are the result of tiredness are 50% more likely to be fatal. Tiredness is easily dealt with – pull over and sleep or stop somewhere for the night if you’re feeling really fatigued.


Going too fast

Speed limits are there for a reason, most often because they represent the optimum speed at which it’s still possible to stop safely. Speeding is a contributing factor in more than 10% of injuries that result from car crashes and several hundred people are killed every year because someone is going too fast. Make sure you know what the speed limits are for urban and country areas, stick to the signs and remember that it will be more difficult to stop in winter weather conditions, such as snow.


Not focusing on your driving

There are laws against using your mobile phone while driving in the UK. However, many people still don’t follow them, which is why around 3% of accidents are the result of the driver being distracted by something other than what’s on the roads. That might be a mobile phone or it could be music, smoking or eating. The easiest way to avoid having an accident in this way is to pull over if there is something you need to do, such as eating lunch or making a phone call. Driving is one activity that should never be combined with anything else.


Being a dangerous driver

From road rage to reckless breaking or overtaking when you shouldn’t, unfortunately there are many ways to be a dangerous driver. If you’re not driving safely on the roads then you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Not only that but if your behaviour causes an accident you may end up being prosecuted as a result – fines and prison time could be the consequences.


The weather

It’s not just snow and ice that cause many accidents in the UK every year but other weather conditions too. Overly bright sunlight, rain and high winds can also make driving conditions treacherous. If you know that bad weather is coming it’s always a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time to make your journey. Reduce your speed and don’t make any sudden moves.

For the sake of your own safety, as well as those of others – and to avoid expensive repair and replace bills for your car – steering clear of these common causes of car crashes is a must.

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