Diamondbrite launch new ‘Product in Action’ focused website

Diamondbrite have just launched a new website aimed at providing sales executives an informative and easy to use platform to demonstrate to customers the benefits of having Diamondbrite applied to their new vehicle.

Diamondbrite’s industry-renowned and award-winning Paint and Upholstery Protection systems have been found in dealerships nationwide since the 1980’s. In those early days, sales executives had to rely on simple photographs and printed materials to showcase the numerous benefits of having Diamondbrite applied to their vehicle.

But today, thanks to Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee helpfully inventing the internet in 1990, things are very different; and Diamondbrite’s new website makes the most of Sir Timothy’s genius to enable sales executives to showcase its Paint and Upholstery Protection systems in their best possible light easily and quickly, increasing both sales and the commission in their pay cheque.

The new site features videos that explain the benefits of having Diamondbrite applied to a vehicle’s paintwork and upholstery – broken down into simple to navigate Exterior, Interior and Leather sub-sections – as well as an informative brochure that can be easily printed or downloaded for the customer. Naturally, the site covers the five markets Diamondbrite is available in; car, caravan, motorhome, campervan and motorcycle.

Other sections include an easy to digest graphic explaining all the reasons to purchase Diamondbrite at a glance, information on the complimentary After Care kits customers are supplied if the Protection is purchased to help them look after their new purchase and finally, and details of the product’s Lifetime Guarantee.

The site also includes easy links to Diamondbrite’s active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn pages, as well as a direct email link.

The site can be viewed at www.diamondbrite.co.uk/diamondbrite-in-action/


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