August 26, 2021


Starting in October 2019 and finishing in May 2020, our UK and Export Training Manager David Beney started working with TAP part of QA Group, an industry-leading training company, to further his skills as a trainer and give him the skills required to further enhance the company’s training offering.

With all the courses taken to achieve a TAP diploma and a now recognised training qualification in the motor industry, this gives Jewelultra the knowledge and experience to be able to offer all our customers bespoke sales training and help maximise profit opportunities in all areas, focusing on everything from product knowledge, sales process, presentation skills, and everything in between.

David said, “it was an excellent experience, to add this qualification to my 28-year experience in the motor industry and will help me deliver the best possible training for our customers, thank you to John Boseley and Jewelultra for the opportunity and support, I look forward to further developing our training with our global key accounts over the coming years”.