Our Chinese Distributor visits our Factory

It was great to welcome our Chinese distributor to our factory in Loughborough recently. The delegation included Victor Chan, Mark Jiao and Andy Chare from Diamondbrite China as well as some of their customers in China.

Victor said: ‘It was great to visit the Jewelultra factory in the UK with our partner from the Chongqing area of China along with Dealer Principles representing BMW & Audi dealers in this area who sell Diamondbrite. Peter and Rob kindly gave us a full tour of the impressive facilities. We also took the opportunity to visit some dealers in the UK to see how paint protection products are sold in a mature market.’

‘I have been working with Jewelultra for 18 months. It is a great honour to represent such a well-established company and brand not only in the UK but worldwide. The product range is what attracted me in the first place, many companies offering paint protection do not have the breadth of choice nor offer this as a package with both an application and customer pack. Moreover, Jewelultra has long standing partnerships with large successful dealer groups both in the UK and across the world which gave me a lot of confidence in the products and company’

From the left are Mrs Liu (Mr Tang’s wife), Mr Shun Cao (Audi Dealer Principle), Miss Yuan Luo (BMW Sales Manager), Mr Haodong Fu (Audi Sales Manager), Rob Williams (Jewelultra), Peter Harper (Jewelultra), Mr Li Tang (Audi Distributor), Mark Jiao (Damondbrite China Sales Manager), Andy Chare (Diamondbrite China).


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During the Diamondbrite Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains.