Jewelultra held up as an example of Service Reliability

Jewelultra have for many years been a client of IQS Audits Ltd for the auditing and certification of their British and International Standards (ISO and BSI). This covers Quality and Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management and more recently Business Continuity Management when things go wrong unexpectedly. The need for such standards came into focus recently.

Fairly recent history has taught many business leaders the cost of not being prepared for when things go wrong. There are “man- made” and “Natural” disasters happening all over the world ranging from war, floods, violent weather, earth movement, you name it. Looking back through recent history there was a horrific Tsunami in Japan from which lives are still disrupted to this day. At the time it happened, as well as the horrific loss of life which was by far the most significant result, was the effect of businesses it had on every continent of the world. Who would have imagined that something on one side of our planet could cause major disruption on the other side, but it did?

Major world renowned companies were put out of action in many parts of the world, you would think through no fault of their own, but if they had Business Continuity plans in operation that were effective, the disruption could have been managed, commonly known as PLAN B. That one incident taught businesses worldwide what they should have done before it happened, I wonder how many businesses would still be caught out if it happened again?

Not Jewelultra, they were recently having road works carried out at their head office location, a wrong move by a contractor operating earth moving equipment managed to take out the water supply, power supply, and communications network. That would be enough to sink the best made plans, but for Jewelultra their Business Continuity plans kicked in to action, and everyone played their part, switching operational control to a lead manager at their manufacturing plant over a hundred miles away, using mobile phones to divert communications, e-mails diverted, the average customer phoning them at the time would have thought this failure of systems was a normal day at the office, business as usual. Diverted systems put into action, just as the plan intended, and no deliveries missed.

The events of the day were all documented, so now the task is to see if anything could have been done better, but probably not, customers were not affected, world wide agents were not affected, and if anyone knew about the crisis and how smoothly things continued during the crisis, surely the already great reputation of Jewelultra would be raised higher, being a safe pair of hands for customers.

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