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Xpress Wash and Wax


Diamondbrite Xpress Wash and Wax is the best way to clean your car, caravan, motorhome, bicycle or motorcycle without using water. Xpress Wash and Wax allows you to join the waterless wash revolution ‚Äď this modern alternative to traditional car shampoo and car wax effortlessly cleans your vehicle with no scratches, delivering amazing results while saving precious water and valuable time.

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Step into the 21st Century and join the waterless wash car care revolution with Diamondbrite Xpress Wash and Wax, this single stage, easy-to-use solution to car¬†cleaning saves precious water and valuable time. Cleaning your car, caravan, motorhome, bicycle or motorcycle on the go has never been easier, Xpress Wash and¬†Wax effortlessly cleans and polishes your vehicle without the need for a water source or traditional pre-washing ‚Äď best of all its special scientific formula ensures¬†absolutely no surface scratches. On average, traditional car cleaning using a hose can consume up to 480 litres of fresh water per wash ‚Äď enough to fill a bath tub six times over.¬†That is not only¬†wasteful but it can also prove expensive for those using a water meter. Diamondbrite Xpress Wash and Wax saves water and even forgoes the need for access to a hose,¬†bucket, sponge, chamois or additional cleaning products. Simply spray on direct from the trigger bottle, allow dirt to bead away, and wipe for stunning results.

Developed in the UK at Diamondbrite’s 45,000 square foot research, testing and manufacturing facility in Loughborough, in the Midlands of the UK, the unique¬†formula inside Xpress Wash and Wax is safe to use on all types of paintwork, plastics (including dashboards and vinyl trim), chrome, leather and any other non-porous¬†surface. It is a particularly fantastic alloy wheel cleaner, effectively removing stubborn brake dust with ease. Active ingredients, including a unique fragrant emulsion blend of avocado and¬†organo-modified oils, loosen dirt particles by creating a microscopic layer ‚Äď unseen by the naked eye ‚Äď which gently lifts dirt and gently guides it away from surfaces, it‚Äôs¬†this invisible barrier that ensures that no scratches are incurred. One of the very best alternatives to traditional car shampoo and car wax products,¬†Diamondbrite Xpress Wash and Wax also has lasting effects. After cleaning suitable surfaces, Xpress Wash and Wax deposits a thin wax coating which, when the product¬†is used regularly, builds a protective, glossy, hydrophobic coating, repelling water and dirt to keep your car cleaner for longer between treatments. Diamondbrite Xpress¬†Wash and Wax is the ultimate waterless wash and wax ideal for use in conjunction with other time-saving Diamondbrite car care products.

Directions for use:
Diamondbrite Xpress Wash and Wax is supplied in a handy trigger bottle for fast application. It can also be purchased in 5 litre containers which is even more¬†economical. Simply spray on and wipe off each panel, or wheel, at a time. For best results use a Diamondbrite Microfibre Cloth or, better still, a Diamondbrite Microfibre Terry Towel ‚Äď just wipe away with the thick pile side and polish with the other. The great thing about the Microfibre cloth and Terry Towel is that it can be washed time and time again providing years of use.

You can buy the product including 2 Microfibre cloths for £9.95 saving £1.90 over buying the products separately with our Xpress Wash and Wax Pack.

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500ml, 5 litres

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