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Tyre Dressing – Quick Tyre Restorer 500ml


Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is a Quick Tyre Restorer that can be used on tyres and all rubber surfaces to return them to there original appearance. Dull or brown tyres can ruin the look of a car – Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is the best tyre dressing for returning car tyres to their ‘like new’ jet black finish – the finishing touch to any clean car.

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Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is a Quick Tyre Restorer that returns dull tyres to their original appearance. Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is the best tyre dressing to get car tyres looking new, it is also safe for use on all rubber surfaces such as rubber door and window trim. The true finishing touch to any clean car, Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is an important multi-purpose product to keep in your car care armoury  at all times – it is ideal for both professional detailers and also those who want to achieve a professional finish at home.

Tired, dull or browned tyres can spoil the look of an otherwise clean and fresh car boasting sparkling wheels and polished bodywork. Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing cleans and restored your tyre sidewalls to leave them looking blackened and fresh just like new – it is fast and effective. Traditional tyre dressings, tyre foam and tyre gel can prove messy and laborious to apply, requiring elbow grease, a certain technique and applicators to return the best results. Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is quick and easy to use, its trigger spray applicator can be directed with precision and no buffing is required following application.

Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing has been specially developed in the UK at Diamondbrite’s dedicated 45,000 square foot research, testing and manufacturing facility set in the heart of the Midlands in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Its unique formula has been arrived at by experts – laboratory technicians who are specialists in developing high performance car cleaning products.

After washing and drying a car normally, Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing can be applied to dry tyres. Simply spray the product directly onto the tyre sidewall and wipe away any overspray from surrounding surfaces – such as excess on alloy wheels – with a dry cloth. The results will be immediately apparent. Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing uses a unique non-sling silicone formula, meaning once applied it does not flick up onto clean bodywork or fling onto other surrounding surfaces. As an added bonus, treating tyres with Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing can challenge the effects of tyre ageing and cracking.

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Directions for use:

Ensure tyre is dry prior to application. Spray directly onto the tyre wall. Remove excess product with a dry cloth. No buffing required.

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