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Lift Off – Citrus Blast Traffic Film Eliminator


Diamondbrite Lift Off – Citrus Blast Traffic Film Eliminator is one of the best car cleaning products to keep as part of your car washing kit. Lift Off is a fragrant multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser formulated to gently remove bird droppings, dirt, dead insects, oil, grease, brake dust, pollution and road grime from your car. This handy, easy to use, spray can be used for a multitude of typically tricky car cleaning jobs.

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Diamondbrite Lift Off – Citrus Blast Traffic Film Eliminator is a fragrant multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser, it has been specially formulated to remove dirt and stubborn residue, making light work of bird lime and insect debris (such as dead flies), oil and grease spots, brake dust and general traffic film, together with road grime, from your car. Safe for use on all surfaces, Lift Off has been designed with paintwork, door shuts, alloy wheels, wheel arches and engine bays particularly in mind – all the places where gunk and baked-on dirt regularly collect.

Powerful but also fragrant thanks to its citrus aroma, Diamondbrite Lift Off will fast become one of the most useful parts of your car washing kit as its multi-purpose nature makes it a ‘go to’ product when regular maintenance washes cannot alone remove dirt. Lift Off is the best car cleaning spray for those looking to quickly and easily clean and degrease an area of a car, removing gunk without fuss. It is capable of tackling both light or heavy soiling to return an area to its factory-fresh appearance.

This traffic film remover is exceptionally tough on dirt, it is used before a traditional car wash, effectively removing the layer of everyday dirt, grit or oil – the film – caused by airborne pollutants and sticky grime. Diamondbrite Lift Off easily breaks down this troublesome grime to remove it without effort. Tougher in nature than a traditional car shampoo but gentle on surfaces at the same time, Lift Off contains a unique blend of surfactants, its user-friendly formula works in harmony with your regular car washing routine and the other products in the Diamondbrite car care range, such as Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo – Advanced Shine Protection  to deliver impressive results.

Diamondbrite Lift Off – Citrus Blast Traffic Film Eliminator has been specially developed in the UK at Diamondbrite’s dedicated 45,000 square foot research, testing and manufacturing facility set in the heart of the Midlands in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Its unique formula has been arrived at by experts – laboratory technicians who are specialists in developing high performance car cleaning products.

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Directions for use:

Rinse area, spray directly onto surface, rinse off with water or sponge off, wash and dry vehicle normally.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

500ml, 5 litres

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