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Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze – 500ml


Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze has been developed using the latest nano-ceramic technology to produce a hydrophobic surface and create unparalleled levels of gloss with outstanding durability. Our unique formulation adds an additional layer of ceramic protection for the ultimate shine. Enhances the Diamondbrite Paint Protection.

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Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze is a modern finishing product providing high gloss ceramic protection for your car. Its invisible hydrophobic layer repels water and dirt to ensure your vehicle stays gleaming for longer. The best car cleaning product for maintaining a durable, deep, high definition, glossy wet-look shine, Ceramic Detailing Glaze uses the latest scientifically proven nano-ceramic technology to provide unique levels of paint protection against common contaminants, general dirt and minor scratches, between washes.

Ceramic coatings were once the secret weapon in the armoury of detailing professionals, that’s no longer the case thanks to affordable Diamondbrite products like Ceramic Detailing Glaze – loved by detailing professional and untrained DIY users alike. Its inherent hydrophobic (simply meaning ‘the fear of water’) nature repels dirty water, unwanted grime and harmful environmental particles by forming an invisible barrier preventing deposits from attaching to treated surfaces and creating the ultimate shine.

Most modern car paint is water-based, while this is good for the environment it is inherently less resistant to scratches and natural ageing over time when compared with older solvent-based paints. This makes the regular application of a protective coating absolutely vital if you want your car to stay looking its absolute best.

Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze functions in a similar way to traditional car polish, yet the protection it offers car paintwork is modern and unique. Any contaminants that aren’t repelled from this high gloss – or glazed layer – attach themselves to this barrier rather than the bare surface, making it far easier to remove them with minimal washing effort.

Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze has been specially developed in the UK at Diamondbrite’s dedicated 45,000 square foot research, testing and manufacturing facility set in the heart of the Midlands in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Its unique formula has been arrived at by experts – laboratory technicians who are specialists in developing high performance car cleaning products.

Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze works beautifully in isolation, but it is also the perfect compliment to Diamondbrite Paint Protection and other previously applied ceramic coatings too. Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze is a paint guard applied via easy-to-use trigger bottle. Its blend of ceramic synthetics combine to provide a durable silky smooth, deep gloss finish that can last for up to three months if a vehicle is washed regularly using Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo and Diamondbrite Conserver as wash additives following application.

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Directions for use:

Thoroughly wash your car using Diamondbrite Shampoo or Xpress Wash and Wax. Rinse with water. Spray Diamondbrite Rinse and Shine to help disperse water then chamois dry. Spray Diamondbrite Ceramic onto one panel at a time. Buff with a clean Microfibre Cloth.



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