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Diamondbrite Ceramic Blast Snow Foam


Ceramic Blast is a super concentrated ceramic infused snow foam designed to loosen dirt and leave behind a repellent film that means that not only will your car look better for longer, it’ll also be easier to clean next time.

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Unlike most other snow foams (which are just cleaners), Ceramic Blast leaves a Ceramic Film that repels dirt and water.

– Ceramic Snow Foam. Removes dirt and contamination, preventing scratching.
– Can also be used to quickly clean lightly soiled vehicles. If the vehicle is very dirty use Lift Off first.
– Fully biodegradable and pH-neutral.
– Will not harm or remove previously applied polish or waxes.
– Easy to use with a snow foam lance (1 part product to 5 parts water).

Ceramic Blast produces a thick, lush white foam that sticks to a vehicle’s paintwork and glass and loosens dirt and contamination away from the surface, allowing for it to be rinsed off easily, vastly reducing the chance of causing any scratches when the vehicle is contact washed. Once the foam has been rinsed off, the car can then be shampooed and safely contact washed as normal. Ceramic Blast can also be used on lightly soiled vehicles to quickly remove dirt and grime without the need to contact wash.

What Ceramic Blast takes away on one hand, it gives with the other. While it is getting on with the job of lifting away dirt and contamination from the surfaces it’s clinging to, it’s also leaving behind a ceramic-infused film, a barrier that repels water and dirt for a car that not only looks better for longer but will be even easier to clean next time.

While it takes no prisoners when it comes to lifting away dirt and grime, Ceramic Blast has got a gentle side too and, being pH-neutral, it won’t harm or remove any previously applied polish or waxes.

You can see it in use here –

How to use Diamondbrite Ceramic Blast Snow Foam:

Shake well before use. Store above 5°C.

1) Check that the bodywork and wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

2) Rinse vehicle thoroughly using a hose or jet wash. For heavily soiled areas use a prewash like Diamondbrite Lift Off before washing with Ceramic Blast.

3) Ceramic Blast can be used in various dilutions depending on the thickness of foam needed. A good starting point is 100ml snow foam concentrate to 500ml water added to your foaming nozzle’s chemical feed.

4) Spray onto the vehicle, starting at the top, working down to the wheels ensuring all exterior surfaces are covered.

5) Leave for 5 minutes for the product to loosen the dirt and leave a protective film.

5) Rinse from top to bottom.

6) If any areas of the vehicle are still dirty repeat process above and agitate using a lambswool wash mitt or microfibre wash mitt.

7) Dry with a microfibre drying towel.




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500ml, 5 litres

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