Over time paintwork fades and a motorcycle loses its showroom shine, but this is not the inevitable result of time passing.

Sunlight and acid pollution are present every time you wheel your pride and joy out of the garage, gradually taking the sheen off your machine.

Ultraviolet rays break down the chemical bonds in colour pigments, causing them to fade. It’s a form of natural bleaching.

Then there are a huge variety of chemical pollutants - some natural and others man-made - which attack the protective lacquer, exposing the base coat beneath to the elements. Typical trouble-makers include;

1. Acid rain (partly caused by vehicle emissions)
2. Insect fluid AKA ‘bug splat’
3. Bird droppings
4. Road grime - salt, oil, fuel, tar and other substances deposited on the surface.

Regular washing helps to remove these contaminants and waxing afterwards will provide additional protection from UV bleaching, but these are time-consuming jobs and only last until the motorcycle gets dirty again.

A longer-term solution is to have a paintwork protection system, such as Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro, professionally applied. Made from flurocarbon polymers, it creates a permanent shield against all the main causes of fading paintwork and makes cleaning the bike easier, because dirt particles struggle to stick to the smooth surface.

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