A car or bike may be essential to your lifestyle – or perhaps it’s your pride and joy. Either way, finding the most effective way to look after it is going to be important. Both cars and bikes can suffer from use, even with the most careful and conscientious drivers. Protecting them with Diamondbrite by Jewelultra is like treating your car or bike to diamonds - and will help you to get more from it for longer.


The science behind Diamondbrite

Jewelultra Diamondbrite is the result of three decades of gathered industry experience and intelligence. It’s a multi-stage system that has been designed to provide the kind of unique protection that will keep your car or bike looking exceptional for longer. The first stage uses a solvent to clean the paintwork so that the coating can adhere properly. The coating is created from a blend of a hard carnauba that looks highly polished to achieve exceptional shine, and which has been designed to withstand high temperatures.

The second stage is the application of a combination of high percentage natural chemicals and a high grade nano ceramic. As this is applied it fills in any pits, marks or blemishes on the surface of the paintwork. The effect is a smooth, sealed surface that can repel anything that might cause damage to the vehicle’s paintwork, such as dirt or grime.


Why you should treat your car or bike to diamonds

To keep the paintwork looking fantastic

While Jewelultra Diamondbrite provides very effective protection it’s also a great way to improve the shine on your vehicle so that it is truly eye catching. The smooth, high gloss surface of the coating will give the paintwork on your car or bike a new lease of life.


Essential protection for modern vehicles

Water based paints have become standard today for most vehicles – while they are better for the environment they tend to fade faster and so extra protection is essential.


Flawless performance whatever the vehicle

Diamondbrite was originally developed for cars and has been so successful that the range was expanded to include Diamondbrite Motorcycle too. This provides the same exceptional protection and aesthetic impact, specifically designed for the challenges faced by bike owners.


Increasing resale value

The more you can protect the paintwork on your car or bike, and maintain that showroom finish, the easier you will find it to sell the vehicle on if that’s what you want to do at a later date.


Essential protection out on the roads

There are many different elements and substances that can do damage to the paintwork of a car or bike. Even natural liquids, such as tree sap or insect fluid, can reduce shine and cause paintwork to be damaged or dull. Road grime, tar and salt, as well as the impact of temperature cycles and acid rain can also have an impact - Jewelultra Diamondbrite protects against them all.

Whether you’re traveling on two wheels or four, treat your car or bike to diamonds this year with Jewelultra Diamondbrite.

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