Five top tips from Diamondbrite for quick and easy ways to clean your motorcycle in summer

During the sunny summer months you want to be out riding your motorbike, not stuck at home cleaning it. However, just because it isn't raining (assuming you manage to dodge any showers), doesn't mean your motorcycle isn't getting grubby.

Summer riding exposes your machine to many pollutants that, left untreated, can eat away at paint and metalwork, leaving your pride and joy looking distinctly second-hand after just one season in the saddle.

Common contaminants include bug-splat from flying insects, which is highly acidic and becomes almost 'welded on' if not cleaned off quickly. Park your bike under a shady tree (or at the seaside) and bird droppings – also containing lots of acid) are a hazard too. Tar can be thrown up from hot road surfaces, sticking to the motorcycle like glue, and chain lube is frequently flung onto the rear wheel. Then there's dust, which can quickly coat a motorbike and contains particles that scuff bodywork when rubbed during riding.

Fortunately help is at hand, with five quick cleaners, specifically developed for motorcycles by Diamondbrite, and made in their UK factory.

1. Remove bugs and dust with a spray-on/wipe off waterless cleaner. A quick surface clean after a day's riding will get your bike gleaming in a matter of minutes. Diamondbtrite Motorcycle Waterless Detailer is ideal for this task, because its active ingredients create a microscopic layer between the dirt particles and painted surface, so there is no scratching as the dirt is removed

2. A swift squirt with a decent degreaser once a week will swiftly strip oils and grease from wheels and undercarriage. Diamondbrite Motorcycle Degreaser is specifically designed to achieve this.

3. Exposed metalwork, like exhausts, engine cases and front forks, can become dull and even slightly corroded over time. Keep your shiny surfaces gleaming with a dedicated metal cleaner that suitable for all finishes, such as Diamondbrite Motorcycle Chrome and Metal Polish

4. Every once in a while, it's worth a deep clean, to get into all those nooks and crannies. It's also any opportunity to inspect your motorcycle at close quarters, to check that everything is in order. This needn't be messy or time consuming is you use a well-developed spray-on/rinse-off formula like Diamondbrite Motorcycle Bike Wash, which is also biodegradable, so you won't be harming the environment.

5. And finally, it isn't only the motorcycle that can get a bit grubby over the summer months, so can the rider. Freshen up clothing and [crash] helmet with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Kit Fresh

Top tip. Always ensure your motorcycle is cool and parked out of direct sunlight when cleaning it, otherwise the active ingredients in the cleaners will either evaporate or get baked on, before they've had time to work.

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