We recently held a golf day tournament at the Belfry, in the West Midlands near Sutton Coldfield. It was a great day out, with strong performances across the board, making for a very competitive competition! It was a pleasure to be a part of, and we were delighted to see one of our favourite customers bring home the award, presented by our own Founder & Managing Director, John Boseley.

After a strong competition, we were pleased to award the trophy to Vospers Motor Group, a long-standing and consistent customer of Jewelultra. They truly did bring their best team, with the winning group consisting of a few key players from Vospers including Ben Darnell, Matthew Burger, Lee Coughlin & John Carne.

We even managed to snap some photos of John Boseley, Founder & Managing Director of Jewelultra, presenting the award to the winning team.


Vospers Motor Group and Diamondbrite: A winning combination!

Vospers Motor Group are a family-lead new and used car dealership working with customers and businesses across the UK. Vospers have been working with Diamondbrite to provide unrivalled paint and interior protection for their customers for a number of years now, and are one of our most consistent customers. You can learn more about Vospers Motor Group here.

Diamondbrite’s unique 2-step Pro System is applied at the dealership to protect against road grime, UV light, bird droppings, insect fluid, tree sap, acid rain and more. This is achieved by creating a hard, protective skin over your vehicles paint. This leaves a smooth, high-lustre finish which not only looks incredible, but allows for rain and dirt to run off easily, making cleaning a dream.

Diamondbrite also works on your vehicle’s interior, protection your seats, carpets and other fabrics. This means you don’t have to worry about stains and spills, keeping your car fresher and maintaining that ‘showroom-finish’ inside and out.

You can find out more about Diamondbrite’s Professional Automotive Paint Protection here. Alternatively, you can view our range of consumer home products on our website here.

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