Washing your motorcycle will remove dirt & grime that can cause corrosion, but restoring unpainted metalwork on the bike to its former glory can be a challenge.

Take a look at your motorbike and you’ll find a variety of metals used for different purposes - aluminium engine cases, stainless steel downpipes and chrome silencers/fork legs are typical. Sometimes exotic metals, like titanium, are used for exhausts or even frames.

They all corrode differently; aluminium typically develops a white ‘fur’, stainless steel pits and chrome rusts (or, to be more accurate, the metal beneath the chrome coating rusts). Titanium is susceptible to scuffing, which can cause the surface to dull.

The simplest way to keep metalwork looking like new is to use a specialist polish These are usually applied to the metal surface with a soft rag and then buffed off with a clean cloth. This will remove oxidation, contamination and tarnish, leaving the surface smooth and shiny.

It’s especially important to treat rust on steel or chrome parts, because the oxidation removes the protective surface, allowing water and other contaminants to attack the metal beneath. 

Diamondbrite Chrome & Metal Polish is blended and bottled in their UK Factory and is safe to use on most metal surfaces commonly found on motorcycles. Find out more at https://diamondbrite.co.uk/motorcycle-chrome-metal-polish.html

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