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Diamondbrite Alloy Wheel Protectors

SIMPLY AMAZING – The stylish way to protect your alloy wheels

We’ve all done it…that terrible feeling when you hear that sound of your precious alloys grating against the kerb. No matter how careful a driver you are, there will always be pot-holes or other drivers that force you to make a manoeuvre that causes you to damage your alloy wheels. Alloy Wheels have become more intricate in design and more expensive to repair in the process. This is particularly the case with Diamond Cut Alloys which look great when they are new but not so good when damaged by hitting a kerb. They are also much more expensive to repair than standard alloys.

Jewelultra (manufacturers of the award winning Diamondbrite Paint and Fabric Protection) have the answer with Diamondbrite Alloy Wheel Protectors manufactured in the UK. It’s a very simple idea but often the best ideas are. They fix to the rim of the wheel and when the inevitable happens, they take the impact, and not your alloys…



  • Tyres can be changed with the Diamondbrite Alloy Wheel Protectors in place (Contact your supplying dealer for more details)

  • Suitable for the majority of alloy wheel types and sizes

  • Protects tyre wall from damage

  • Discreet Protection

  • Durable Protection

  • Enhanced Protection

  • Customised Protection

  • A variety of colour options to choose from

The Diamondbrite Alloy Wheel Protectors need to be professionally fitted. For your local applicators please contact our head office on 01622 815679 or email [email protected]

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