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DB 29-500

Seal & Shine - Protective Glaze Sealant 500ml


Protective Glaze Sealant is for those who like to polish their vehicle.

Polishes and protects to leave a long lasting deep shine

A unique combination of non acrylic resins and rock oil, for a deep long lasting shine.

Produces a deep shine that lasts up to 6 months, longer if washed using Diamondbrite Shampoo and Diamondbrite Conserver (as a wash additive). It’s invisible silicone free elastic layer will preserve the vehicle’s paintwork. Modern car paint is water based, whilst this is great for the environment it is more susceptible to scratching and deterioration than the old solvent based paints. This product has been especially developed to polish and protect modern car paintwork and once applied will make the vehicle much easier to clean as the dirt and muck will ‘sit’ on the protective glaze rather than the paint. It will also enhance the Diamondbrite Paint Protection if this has been applied to the vehicle, and is designed to combine a very fast application with a silky, smooth, deep gloss finish. Diamondbrite Seal and Shine PGS provides a locked in durable protective coating, that is water resistant and repels common contaminants.

Directions: Apply with a clean cloth, a panel at a time using a small circular motion. Allow to dry and dull. Remove with a clean Diamondbrite Anti Scratch Microfibre cloth in straight lines, as removing in circular motions may cause swirl marks.

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