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Carbon Class

Premium Car Care

The Carbon Class Premium Car Care range has been specifically formulated to deliver unrivalled protection for your car’s paintwork and upholstery.


Carbon Class  After Care Kit

Never Polish Your Vehicle Again

Carbon Class protection is carefully applied to your vehicle creating a hard, high gloss protective ‘shield’ which prevents atmospheric pollutants directly contacting your vehicle’s paintwork. 

In order for this protection to come with a Lifetime Guarantee*, Carbon Class can only be applied by authorised dealers and by fully-trained technicians. Once treated with Carbon Class, you’ll never have to polish your vehicle again. You simply need to wash it (we recommend Carbon Class Shampoo) and then spray a light film of Carbon Class Mirror Finish as often as you feel necessary.


    A blend of high purity water-soluble solvents and specialist detergents designed to liquefy dirt on contact, to quickly remove finger marks and grime. Carbon Class Industrial Strength Glass Cleaner is ideal for the daily cleaning of glass and mirrors, plastics, laminate and VDUs, to leave a streak-free finish. It has been used to compliment the housekeeper’s range in hotels, public houses, conference centres, public rooms and buildings, nursing and retirement homes, airports, departments stores, shops, boats and ferries. Very economical in use as it is super concentrated.


    Carbon Class Anti Bacterial Interior Cleaner is a cleaner and antibacterial all in one. A revolution within surface disinfection, it is safe on skin and totally  environmentally friendly, with no hazard warnings needed, yet enabling total killing of bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria and clostridium difficile during outbreaks.It is also an effective cleaner with a combination of detergents, which easily cleans carpets, upholstery, vinyl and rubber.

  • LEATHER CARE – 125ml

    We believe that this is one of the best leather conditioners and restorers for aniline and most semi-aniline (dyed through) leather. Jewelultra Carbon Class Leather Feed contains specialised cleaning and deodorising agents to safely clean and freshen automotive leather upholstery. Unlike harsher detergents Carbon Class Leather Feed has a neutral pH formulation and will not remove the essential oils which keep leather supple and prevent surface cracking.

  • SHAMPOO – 250ml

    Jewelultra Carbon Class Shampoo has been scientifically tested  to preserve the finish and appearance of your vehicle. It contains special additional ingredients which form a glossy water-repellent barrier. Carbon Class Shampoo also protects and extends the effect of the Carbon Class Paint Protection and is also an excellent preserver of other waxes and polishes. It will remove traffic film without harming the polished paintwork and trim. pH neutral.

  • MIRROR FINISH – 500ml

    Carbon Class Mirror Finish is a cationic emulsion, with great cross-linking properties. It offers water and soil resistance making for an easier ‘next time clean.’ When used on top of Carbon Class Paint Protection it builds up the protective layer enhancing its water repellent and protective qualities.


    The edgeless microfibre cloth design that helps reduce swirl marks and marring. This microfibre cloth is ultra-safe on all surfaces.

*In the UK and Ireland the guarantee is for the lifetime of the vehicle, so is transferable to the new owner. See Guarantee for full terms and conditions.

Guaranteed to protect against:


  • Road Grime


  • Road Grime


  • Road Grime


  • Road Grime

    LIGHT *

  • Road Grime


  • Road Grime


  • Road Grime


  • Road Grime


*Fading from UV Light is virtually eliminated. ** Bird Lime should be removed within 7 days & resprayed with Carbon Class Mirror Finish.

Isn’t a Vehicles Bodywork already Guaranteed?

Typically your new car’s bodywork is usually only guaranteed against rust protection and separation of paint from metal. The majority of motor manufacturers rightly now use environmentally friendly water based paints. However, these can mean they are softer than traditional paints and therefore more vulnerable to climatic conditions.

It’s important to know that the actual finish of the paint is your responsibility as the vehicle owner as it is your after care which will determine its ongoing condition. That creates the challenges the paintwork faces as even if you regularly, thoroughly and carefully clean and polish your car, that alone cannot prevent attack from the elements of a corrosive atmosphere.

Even under normal conditions, your car will be exposed to pollutants which can progressively erode paintwork, leaving marks and stains, or worse making colour appear dull or faded. Other damage can happen at a microscopic level, with the smooth surface of the factory applied finish being attacked, potentially leaving it pitted and more liable to hold corrosive dirt, which is a cycle that can lead to degeneration – in months rather than years – which can also make the paintwork harder to wash and keep clean over time.

Get complete Peace of Mind on the protection of your vehicle’s paintwork and upholstery
Upgrade to Carbon Class Premium Care Care.

  • Exterior Paintwork

    The Carbon Class range is engineered from a unique compound of Fluorocarbon polymers, which bond to the applied surface to form a highly durable and ultra-thin sub-micron barrier. This technological advancement is designed to produce a flawless ‘self-healing’ barrier that is not only a water and soil repellent, but also contains specialist UV absorbers preventing UV damage. The Carbon Class range will help preserve the ultimate ‘showroom shine’ and reduce the need for washing your vehicle

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Carbon Class assures your vehicle’s paint and interior fabrics with a Lifetime Guarantee. For full terms and conditions please refer to the guarantee that will have been completed by the dealer as part of the treatment process. Leather Protection can be applied as an optional extra and form part of the guarantee. Please ask your dealer for details.

  • Precision Surface

    Carbon Class forms a uniform protection layer preventing corrosive dirt particles from adhering to the surface. The result is a flawless smooth finish that proves resistant to acid rain and industrial fallout, our technical ‘water bead drop tests’ demonstrates an improved ‘round beading’ on a Carbon Class treated surface.

  • Interior Protection

    The interior fabric surfaces are precision treated with a unique invisible resin based material. The Carbon Class range is a technological breakthrough engineered to protect the interior finish in two ways: repelling accidental spills, or conversely allowing them to pass through the surface without staining or damaging the interior fabric. The Carbon Class treatment ensures protection from many everyday food spills and grease.

Carbon Class Premium Car Care protection will:


  • Fade resistant

  • Maintain that ‘showroom finish’


  • Easier and quicker to clean

  • No need to polish your vehicle again


  • Spend less on car care and increase
    your vehicle’s future resale value

Your Questions Answered

  • How often should I clean or polish the vehicle?

    You will not need to polish your vehicle ever again. Just wash the vehicle (we recommend Carbon Class Shampoo) as often as required, rinse with water, then apply a light film of Carbon Class Mirror Finish, and rinse again. Then chamois dry.

  • How quickly should I remove
    bird droppings?

    Carbon Class paint protection is guaranteed to resist the effects of birdlime, as long as it is washed off within 7 days. 

  • What happens if a spillage soaks into my fabric after Carbon Class has been  applied?

    Some vehicle upholstery is made up of loosely woven fibres, which will allow liquids to pass between them. The important thing is that liquids will not impregnate or stain individual fibres and can be mopped up easily with a damp cloth or cleaned using Carbon Class Interior Cleaner.

  • Will I have to reapply Carbon Class Paint
    and Fabric Protection?

    In the UK and Ireland the guarantee is for the lifetime of the vehicle; so you will not need to wax, reapply or renew it within that time frame. In other countries, with extreme climatic conditions, the length of the guarantee may vary.

  • Who registers my guarantee?

    Your supplying dealer will do this for you.

  • If the vehicle sustains damage,
    will I need to have it re-coated?

    After any accident the paintwork will need to be recoated as part of an insurance claim. The cost of this may be claimed from your insurance company and you may be required to provide a proof of purchase. Please check with your insurance provider for more details.

  • Who makes Carbon Class?

    Unlike other paint and fabric protection brands, Jewelultra Ltd. (who are not a marketing company nor import the product) manufacture the Carbon Class range in the UK.

  • Is Leather covered under the guarantee?

    Depending on the treatment, Leather upholstery can form part of the Carbon Class guarantee, giving added protection against everyday spillages. Please ask your dealer for further information.

Download the Carbon Class Brochure

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